Me: I’m a bit of an independent academic, value thinking critically, and tend to philosophize about nothing and everything. I enjoy history, literature, and politics, and on the lighter side of things, music, art, and the pleasures of food and wine. If you like these things too, and you can stand my writing style, I’d love to hear from you.

 I suppose the things you ought to know about this blog are as follows:

  • The important stuff is in “The Obligatory Dramatics of the First Post.”
  • You should probably never take it literally.
  • It will endeavour to provoke and stimulate.
  • Your comments and opinions are always more than welcome.

And in case this wasn’t quite vague enough, allow me to add one final tidbit. The purpose is to discuss topics of import, and others of significantly less importance, but of immediate interest to me.

Do enjoy your time here; I know I will.


Empty your think-tank about this here:

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